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Najran University scholarship

Why you might choose to study at Najran University

Najran University seeks to raise academic programs to the global level, provide male and female students with high competencies that fit the future, raise the efficiency of faculty members, use the latest technologies, agree to learn resources to standard standards, and provide distinguished services for male and female students, and achieve comprehensive quality standards through the development of financial and administrative systems, Developing the field of scientific research and graduate studies programs, and seeking partnership and cooperation locally, regionally and globally.


  • Study country: Saudi Arabia
  • University: Najran University
  • Study level: Bachelor’s degree

Funding provided in Najran University Scholarship

Najran University is offering a fully-funded international student scholarship in Saudi Arabia for international students. This international scholarship will cover all expenses:

  • Full exemption from tuition fees.
  • free lodging
  • Monthly salary
  • flight costs
  • health insurance
  • Accommodation costs

Available specialties

  • College of Engineering
  • Faculty of computer science and information systems
  • College of Science and Arts
  • College of Sharia and Ousoul Al-Din
  • Faculty of Languages and Translation
  • Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  • College of Education
  • Community College

Application conditions

  • External scholarship students are subject to the admission requirements that apply to Saudis in higher education institutions, except for the ability and achievement requirement.
  • The student’s age shall not be less than (17) years and not more than (25) years for the bachelor’s level.
  • The student should not have previously obtained a scholarship from an educational institution in the Kingdom.
  • The certificates and identification papers must be attested by the competent authorities in the student’s country, as well as the embassy in the student’s country.
  • Not to be dismissed from one of the educational institutions in the Kingdom.
  • The scholarship student is not entitled to change his major after being accepted into a particular major.
  • To have a mahram with the student, according to the instructions regulating that, provided that he is covered by a grant or has a regular residence, or submits to the register of an employer who needs his services.
  • The student must pass the medical examination decided by the university.
  • Approval from the government of the student’s country of a scholarship to study in the Kingdom for countries that require that for Saudi students.
  • The applicant should be proficient in the Arabic language, both spoken and written.

About Najran University

 The custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, may Allah bless him, issued a royal decree of establishing Najran University on Shawaal 10th,1427A.H. during the inauguration ceremony of the University campus.

The University Location:

Najran University is located on the Eastern outskirts of the city of Najran, with an area of 18 million square meters, thus becoming the largest University campus all over the Kingdom. The University will include two campuses for males and females. It consists of 15 and 10 colleges for males and females respectively, with an overall capacity of 45 thousand students. The university will also have a medical city, a research center, a sports and entertainment arena, and accommodation for the faculty and staff members as well as students. There will also be a future investment city to serve as a trust foundation for the university. The investment will include, not exclusively, hotels, commercial centers, and private schools.

The University Colleges:

The University comprises at the moment fourteen colleges, as follows:

  1. College of Applied Medical Sciences grants BS degrees and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of Clinical Laboratories Sciences.
    2. Department of Radiology Sciences.
    3. Department of Natural Therapy.
  2. College of Computer Science and Information Technology grants BS degrees and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of Computer Science.
    2. Department of Information Technology.
    3. Department of Network Engineering and Telecommunications.
  3. College of Education grants BA degrees and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of Education and Psychology.
    2. Department of Home Economics.
    3. Department of Kindergarten Education.
    4. Department of Special Education.
    5. Department of Curriculum and Instructions.
  4. College Applied grants University diplomas and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of Computer Sciences.
    2. Department of Medical Sciences.
    3. Department of Administrative Sciences.
  5. College of Medicine grants BS degrees and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of Surgery.
    2. Department of Microbiology.
    3. Department of Internal Medicine.
    4. Department of Physiology.
    5. Department of Family and Community Medicine.
    6. Department of Pediatrics.
    7. Department of Pathology.
    8. – Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
    9. – Department of Biochemistry.
  6. College of Dentistry grants BS degrees and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of Preventive Dental Sciences.
    2. Department of Restorative Dental Sciences.
    3. Department of Prosthetic Dental.
    4. Department of Maxillofacial Surgery & Diagnostic Sciences.
  7. College of Administrative Sciences grants BA degrees and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of Business Administration.
    2. Department of Public Administration.
    3. Department of Accountancy.
    4. Department of Administrative Information Systems.
    5. Department of Systems.
    6. Department of Marketing and E-Commerce.
  8. College of Pharmacy grants BS degrees and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of Pharmaceuticals.
    2. Department of Clinical Pharmacy.
    3. Department of Drugs.
    4. Department of Pharmacology.
    5. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  9. College of Engineering grants BS degrees and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of Mechanical Engineering.
    2. Department of Industrial Engineering.
    3. Department of Electrical Engineering.
    4. Department of Civil Engineering.
    5. Department of Chemical Engineering.
    6. Department of Architectural Engineering.
  10. College of Languages grants BA degrees and consists of the following departments:
    1. Department of English Language.
    2. Department of Translation.
  11. College of Arts and Sciences grants BA degrees in the following majors:
    A – Scientific Majors:
    * Department of Mathematics
    * Department of Physics
    * Department of Chemistry
    * Department of Biology
    B – Humanities:
    * Department of Arabic
    * Department of English
  12. College of Arts and Sciences of Sharora grants BA degrees in the following majors:
    A – Scientific Majors
    * Department of Chemistry
    * Department of Mathematics
    * Department of Computer Sciences
    B – Theoretical Departments:
    * Department of Arabic Language
    * Department of Islamic Studies
    * Department of English Language
    * Department of Education and Kindergarten Education
  13. College of  Nursing:  and :
    1. A -Grants BA degrees:
      1. Department of Nursing
    2.   B  – Department of Midwifery grants diplomas degrees in the following majors: 
      1. – Department of Nursing Learning and Administration.
      2. – Nursing Depart of Surgical and Internal Medicine.
      3. – Nursing Depart of Mater and Child Health.
      4. – Nursing Depart of Comm Health and Mental Heal.
  14. College of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion grants BA degrees in the following majors:
    1. Department of Sharia.
    2. Department of Fundamentals of Religion.

Universities in Saudi Arabia

With one of the fastest-growing higher education systems in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia offers a number of world-class institutions. Seven Saudi universities are ranked in the QS World University Rankings® 2021, and the nation claims 21 of the top 100 universities in the Arab region, in the QS Arab Region University Rankings 2021. Saudi Arabia has also been featured as having the 36th best higher education system in the world, in the first edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings.

As in many countries worldwide, universities in Saudi Arabia offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, generally lasting four years, two years and three to four years respectively. While international students are generally accepted into the leading Saudi universities, restrictions among other lesser-known universities are likely to vary, and admission for female students is limited to a select few universities and women-only institutions.

Facilities at the leading universities in Saudi Arabia are second to none, thanks to the nation’s ongoing and significant investment in higher education. The wealth invested comes largely from the country’s vast fuel resources – including approximately 20% of the planet’s oil reserves – which has powered the nation’s rapid development over the last half-century, with a strong impact on trade, business, tourism, education, technology, transport, architecture and culture, particularly within the key cities.

Given the importance of the energy sector to the country, it’s no surprise that Saudi universities are especially well-renowned for oil and gas engineering degree programs. Those who wish to stay on and work in the country will also find lucrative graduate career prospects offered in these sectors.

Students new to the country and culture should note that all Saudi universities uphold Islamic laws and beliefs as enforced by the state.

How to apply

Fill in the following boxes on the website on the first page

  1. Please select a scholarship type to start the application
  2. Scholarship Type (External Scholarship)
  3. Passport number
  4. Study type (Bachelor)
  • 1- The second page, the account information on the website
    • (Passport number – password – confirm password – email – confirm email)
  • 2- Basic student data
    • (Student’s name in Arabic) (Student’s name in English)
    • First Name – Father – Grandfather’s Name – Family –
    • Nationality – mother’s nationality – phone – mobile – mobile confirmation – marital status – health status
  • 3- Address
    • Country – city – neighborhood – street – postal code – high school diploma data
  • 4- Emergency person data
    • Name of contact person – kinship – address – phone – profession
  • 5- Upload the required documents, taking into account the following:
    • Please download the files in (PDF) format.
    • The name of the file you want to download should be in English
    • The file size should not exceed 1 MB