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Umm Al-Qura University announced the provision of a training course (free - remotely) in the field of (cybersecurity) in cooperation with the Support and Training Center (Cisco Academies) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for all segments of society (university employees and outside), according to the following details:

Course name:

- The initiative to learn the basics of cyber security.

the details:

- Free training course (remotely) for all segments of society (men / women).

Certificates of attendance for the course accredited by (Cisco Academy).

- The trainee gets the badge (badge) for the course that you can share with any third party.

You will learn these basic skills:

Learn the meaning of cyber security and its potential impact on you.

- Identify the most common risks, attacks, and vulnerabilities.

Gain deep insights into how companies protect their operations from attacks.

- Discover the latest hiring trends and the reason behind the continued growth in the field of cybersecurity.

Course date:

The course will be held (remotely) for a period of (4) days, starting from (9-12) January 2022 AD - at (4-6) in the evening.


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