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United Nations Internship Program 2021 Fully Funded


United Nations Internship Program Details:

A job, volunteer and training opportunity with the United Nations is one of the best opportunities.
If you are an undergraduate, graduate or recent student, you are eligible for an internship opportunity at the United Nations.
No previous work experience is required.
Available in more than 193 countries.
Submission is free and there is no application fee.
Very many features.
All new or experienced international applicants can apply for the position at the United Nations.
All expenses will be covered for the duration of the training.

The United Nations is the place to work – a unique training program that accepts all fields.
Organization: the United Nations.
Position: Intern (temporary).
Financial coverage: fully funded.

Financial benefits of training at the United Nations:

The United Nations will cover the following expenses if you are successfully selected for an internship in the United Nations at the United Nations:
»1. If the training is outside your country: the opportunity provides flight tickets | Travel allowance .
»2. Providing housing.
»3. Paid vacations and trips.
»4. Maternity, paternity, adoption and support.
»5. Health care insurance.
»6. Retirement pension and many other benefits.

Training will be in the following areas:

Please check carefully the Positiosn and Fields offered by the United Nations for training:

  1. Management and Administration Network: business, public administration, finance, accounting, management, economics, sociology, social work, psychology, commerce, law, or related fields.
  2. Economic and Social Development Network: sociology, economics, statistics, mathematics, demography, public administration, governance, political science, business administration, law, public finance, other social sciences or related fields.
  3. Political Network, Peace and Humanitarian Affairs: political science, law, international relations, public administration, business administration, social science, economics or related fields.
  4. Information and Communication Technology Network: Computer science, information systems, mathematics, statistics, electronic engineering, technology, communications, technical sciences, computer technology, information science, social sciences, or related fields.
  5. Legal Network: Law, Business Administration, International Relations, Political Science, Public Administration or related fields.
  6. Information and Conference Management Network: Business Administration, Communication, Journalism, International Relations, Management, Political Science, Social Science, Public Administration or other related fields.
  7. Logistics and Logistics Chain Network: business administration, public administration, architecture, engineering, transportation, aviation, safety management, air traffic control, military air traffic control/aviation training or related fields.
  8. Web of Science: Nursing, Medicine, Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Physics, Engineering, or related fields.

Eligibility requirements to apply:

  1. The candidate must be fluent in any of the following languages: Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Spanish or Russian.
  2. A good CV.
  3. Letter of intent “a letter explaining the reasons for your submission of the opportunity and the field chosen for training in it.”
  4. (Some fields require experience and others do not).

Apply online via the website

Source: Shabab Talanted

Volunteer Link: https://bit.ly/3zw6vAI