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Turkey Bursları Turkish Government Scholarships Bachelor, Master, PhD Fully Funded


Turkey Bursları Scholarship Details:

(Note: You can start filling in and preparing your profile from now).
Registration started: 15-01-2021
Registration expires: 20-02-2022

Advantages of Turkey Bursları Scholarship:

  1. It covers all tuition costs.
  2. Monthly salary.
  3. University housing.
  4. Health insurance.
  5. Travel and visa costs for applicants from outside Turkey.
  6. Turkish language course in one year (if applying for a specialization in the Turkish language.

Monthly Salary in Turkey Bursları Scholarship:

A bachelor’s study of 700 Turkish liras per month.

  • Master’s study is 950 TL per month.
    Monthly PhD studies: 1,400 Turkish Liras.
    For applicants for research programs: 3,000 Turkish liras per month.

Ages in Turkey Bursları Scholarship:

Bachelor’s degree less than 21 years old.
Masters are less than 30 years old.
Doctorate less than 35 years old.
Research is less than 45 years old.

Rates are required for the Turkey Bursları Scholarship:

Bachelor’s degree :
The rate should not be less than 70%.
Bachelor’s degree (major in medicine):
The rate should not be less than 90%.
Master’s degree :
The rate is more than 75%
Doctor degree:
The average should not be less than 75%.

Required documents in Turkey Bursları scholarship:

  1. An identity document: passport, identity card, or birth certificate.
  2. Certificate of educational qualification: high school diploma for bachelor’s applicants, or university diploma for master’s applicants, or university and master’s degrees for doctoral applicants.

Note :
In the event that the graduation certificate is not ready or it remains for the applicant’s graduation for several months, a sealed official statement stating this can be submitted to
The site in place of the graduation certificate.

  • Academic transcript: it shows the student’s grades in subjects for high school graduates the same as for high school graduates, and for university and master’s graduates, it is the detailed transcript, “transcript of grades,” for subject grades during the academic years.
  1. Recommendation letter: one or more of a teacher, a university doctor, or a manager at work.
  2. A recent, clear photo.
  3. Letter of Intent (there are several Letters of Intent explained previously in several locations) – this is a letter you write explaining why you are applying for this scholarship.
  4. International or international certificates are not required, but are useful for obtaining Turkish scholarships.

Note: The universities you are applying to must be reviewed. Do they need international certificates or not? In the event that it needs an international certificate and does not fill it, you must choose another university that does not require this certificate, and it is preferable to stay away from universities in major cities.

Note: It is preferred that all papers be translated into English or Turkish.
But your papers can be submitted in Arabic.

Specializations available in the Turkey Bursları Turkish scholarship:

(All majors are available in English and Turkish).
(Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, veterinary medicine, science, engineering, logistical services, psychological counseling and counseling, social service, press, printing and publishing, international relations, advertising, statistics, business administration, tourism management in English, Health Management, Economics, Design and Communications, Radio, Television and Film, Media and Communications, Aviation Management, Agricultural Economics, Banking and Finance, Energy Management, Anthropology, Communications, Financial Accounting Management, Sharia
, Trade and Logistics Services, International Trade, Industrial Design, Geological Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Interior Architecture Engineering, Food Engineering in English, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering in English, Architecture Engineering in English, Mechanical Engineering, Communication Systems, Graphic Design Mathematics archeology
, Sociology, Plant Protection, Genetics, and Microbiology
, Material Sciences and Engineering, Physics, Communication Sciences, Education, Turkish Language and Literature, History, Art History, Biology, Zoology, Nanotechnology Engineering, Maritime Transport Administration Engineering, Communication and Electronics Engineering
, Map Engineering, Mathematics Engineering, Management Information Systems in English, Civil Engineering in English, Software Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Marine Technology and Ships Engineering, Islamic Sciences in Arabic, Political Science, Interior Architecture, Chemistry, Electronic Engineering, Geological Engineering).

How to Apply (Online) in the Turkey Bursları Scholarship:

You must first register and create an account on the site.
Application is made by filling out all your personal data and the required pages and uploading the required documents on the official website of the scholarship

Commentary copied from Shabab Talanted

Scholarship linkhttps://bit.ly/3opoPF9