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Fully Funded Qatar University Scholarships For All International Students – 2021


Fully Funded Qatar University Scholarships for All International Students – 2021

Qatar University is now open to apply for a fully funded Qatar University scholarship for the autumn 2021.

International students, domestic students and Qatari students can now apply for a scholarship to study masters, PhD degrees or diplomas at Qatar University.

Scholarship Details:

Host country: Qatar.

Host University: Qatar University.

Study level: Diploma – Master – PhD.

Financial financing: fully funded.

Application deadline: March 1, 2021

Available fields of study:

The Qatar University scholarship is available in all academic programs and fields.

Master social studies:

  • Master of Arts in Arabic Literature and Language.
  • Master of Arts in Gulf Studies.
  • Master of Science in Environmental Sciences.
  • Master of Science in Materials Science and Technology.

College of Economy:

  • College of Business & Economics.
  • PhD in Business Administration.
  • Master of Accounting.
  • Master of Business Administration.
  • Master of Science in Marketing.

College of Engineering:

  • PhD in Engineering-Chemical Engineering.
  • PhD in Engineering-Civil Engineering.
  • PhD in Engineering-Computer Science.
  • PhD in Engineering-Computer Engineering
  • PhD in Engineering-Electrical Engineering.
  • PhD in Engineering-Engineering Management.
  • PhD in Engineering-Environmental Engineering.
  • PhD in Engineering-Industrial and Systems Engineering PhD.

College of law:

  • Master of Law in Public Law.
  • Master of Law in Private Law.
  • Graduate Certificate in Legal Studies.

College of Medicine:

  • Ph.D. in Medical Sciences.
  • College of Pharmacy.
  • College of Health Sciences.
  • PhD in Biomedical Sciences.
  • Master of Public Health.
  • Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences.

Financial funding for the scholarship:

There are many scholarships offered at Qatar University where we will explain each of them:

Competitive scholarships:

  • Qatar University scholarship (internal scholarships – external scholarships).
  • The award of His Highness, the Emir of Qatar, for academic distinction.
  • Outstanding Performance Scholarship.

Non-Competitive Scholarships:

Granting of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (embassies).

Awarding national certificates to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Scholarships for children of Qatar University employees.


Only international students are eligible for the Qatar University Scholarship.

Financial funding for the scholarship:

The Qatar University scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that covers the following expenses:

  • Tuition fees are waived.
  • University housing is provided.
  • Exemption from textbook fees.
  • Annual round-trip airfare.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Conditions:

  1. All international students and residents of Qatar are eligible as all nationalities are welcome to apply for the scholarship.
  2. The applicant must have obtained a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
  3. Proof of English language proficiency (students who studied the previous degree in English are exempted on condition that they provide proof of that).

Conditions for admission to study a master’s degree:

  • The applicant must have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher with a GPA of no less than 2.8.

Conditions for admission to study a doctorate:

  1. The applicant must have obtained a master’s degree or higher with a GPA of no less than 3.0.
  2. Standardized test scores (such as GRE, GMAT) are required for all PhD programs offered in English.

How to apply for the scholarship:

All international students and Qatar students must submit an online application form through the online application portal.

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