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Fully Funded Schwarzman Schwarzman Scholars Masters Scholarship from China 2020

Fully Funded Schwarzman Schwarzman Scholars Masters Scholarship from China 2020

Majors required all disciplines
The applicant must have obtained a bachelor's degree or first university degree from an accredited college or equivalent:
Applicants currently enrolled in bachelor's degree programs should be able to successfully complete all degree requirements before August 1 of the Schwarzman Scholars program entry year.
There are no specific requirements for a Bachelor's degree major, but it is important for applicants, regardless of undergraduate major, to clarify how their participation in the Schwarzman Scholars Program will contribute to developing their leadership potential in their field of work.
Applicants must be between 18 and 29 years old as of August 1 in the year of their enrollment in the Schwarzman Scholar Program.
Applicants must possess good English language skills as all subjects will be taught in English.
Applicants will have to submit official English language proficiency test scores with the application in case English is not the applicant's native language. This requirement is canceled if the applicant has completed his undergraduate or postgraduate education in English for at least two years.
Acceptable test options

Available Finance:

Students selected to become Schwarzman Scholars will receive a fully funded scholarship that includes the following:
1- A stipend of $ 4,000 to cover personal expenses.
2- Covering school fees.
3- Bedroom.
4- Travel to and from Beijing at the beginning and end of the school year.
5- A study tour within the country.
6- School books and required supplies.
7- Health insurance.

Rendering Explanation:

1- Create an account on the Schwarzman Scholar website via the link at the end of the post
2- Fill out the application form before September 22, 2020.
Required Documents:
Fill out the application form. A CV (2 pages maximum).
Academic records.
Two articles.
Three letters of recommendation.
Introductory video (optional)

If you have any questions,
Send an email: