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Strongest funded scholarship in business administration for undergraduate and graduate students 2021

 scholarship in business administration
 scholarship in business administration 

Strongest funded scholarship in business administration for undergraduate and graduate students 2021

YCF provides a funded scholarship in the field of business administration for undergraduate and graduate students all over the world. With this grant, the company aims to help the next generation of entrepreneurs and fund emerging entrepreneurs so that they can hone their capabilities and knowledge and thus increase their chances of success as business leaders in the future.
Eligibility conditions:
In order to be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:
Be a bachelor's or postgraduate student at a recognized university.
He wants to run his own business.
Demonstrate distinction in the attached recommendation letter. Clarify the circumstances that indicate the applicant's need for financial support.

Grant evaluation criteria:

The applicant's enthusiasm for study and his desire to become a successful leader in business administration.
Academic recommendation and grades achieved. Personal circumstances.
Scholarship Worth:
You will be offered an amount of $ 1,000


recommendation Letter.
A note containing the grades of the latest test results you have submitted.
A 500-word essay explaining your circumstances and why you consider yourself a good candidate for this scholarship as well as stating how the funds will help you in the success of your project.

Scholarship Information:

The scholarship is aimed at: Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students
Funding: Partial funding the opportunity covers tuition fees
The scholarship location is specified
Required documents: True copies of the academic record, recommendation letter, others

Educational conditions:

 Required majors: Business
Educational level: Secondary education, Bachelor's degree
Required languages: English

How to apply for the scholarship:

To apply for the scholarship, please email the required documents to scholarships@yourcompanyformations.co.uk Application deadline: August 28, 2020.