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Fully funded University of Western Cyprus Bachelor scholarship opportunity 2020

 Bachelor scholarship opportunity 2020
Western Cyprus Bachelor scholarship opportunity 2020

Scholarship Details:

Scholarships: Fully Funded
Language certificate: not required,
Countries: All Arab countries are eligible to apply
Application deadline: August 31, 2020

Information about the University of Western Cyprus?

The University of Western Cyprus was established in 2015 and is located in North Cyprus. As an institution of higher learning, the university symbolizes the contemporary side of Cyprus which is the historical and cultural center of the Mediterranean.

The university has 8 programs (4 colleges and one school) that offer university degrees in both Turkish and English languages ​​(as per the student's choice). Furthermore, the university has an English Language School available for students who need to improve their English. The university offers many services, for example, a student development and counseling center, a health center, a counseling and psychological guidance center for the school bus, a library, and computer labs. These services allow students to interact and learn about many cultures

Specializations available for the scholarship:

Business Administration
Civil Aviation Administration
Tourism and hotel management
psychological Guidance and counseling
Computer Engineering

Required Documents:

a copy of the passport.
High school diploma or baccalaureate.
You can upload your English Language Certificate (if applicable) along with any other document supporting your acceptance of the scholarship.

Explanation of how to apply for the scholarship:

You must submit an application then upload your document and upon obtaining admission and a conditional letter, you can apply for financial support for the scholarship to be fully funded.

To request financial support after acceptance, you must download this form and send it to the following email
: Scholarship@cwu.edu.tr