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Scholarship To Learn The Turkish Language For Free Yunus Emre 2022


About the grant:

Yunus Emra Scholarship 2022 to learn the Turkish language, one of the distinguished scholarships offered by the Turkish government to students around the world who wish to learn the Turkish language, for any reason.
Yunus Emre Institute aims to learn Turkish independently of time and place through the Turkish distance education portal prepared using contemporary technological facilities.
According to this purpose, word lists are displayed in the entrance according to levels and step-by-step language information structures are displayed. Also, the structures that students use daily in their lives have been taught activities based on four basic language skills.

About Yunus Emre Institute:

Yunus Emre Institute offers Turkish language, culture, art and history to people of different professions and age groups with cultural centers opening in different parts of the world since 2009.
The institute teaches Turkish with more than 40 cultural centers abroad and has organized certificate programs for foreigners by studying the needs in the field of Turkish language learning in order to train teachers specialized in their field.
Also, the institute develops basic teaching materials supporting in the light of contemporary language teaching methods.
Yunus Emre Institute, which aims at the wide use of Turkish education through cooperation with educational institutions and departments of turology in different countries, organizes many activities every year in cultural centers and represents our country in national or international activities.

Why should you apply for the Yunus Emre Institute Scholarship:

Yunus Emre Scholarship is the best source for learning the Turkish language, and it is a free scholarship fully funded by the Turkish government. It receives students from all over the world, and in one of the most important institutes in Turkey, the famous Yunus Emre Institute, named after the greatest poet and mystic in Turkey, Its main goal is to help students who want to learn Turkish from all over the world.

Turkish Language Scholarship Details:

Countries available to apply: All countries of the world.
Study stage: Available for all academic levels, including students, graduates, and diplomas.
Grant period: 5 months.
Application deadline: December 31, 2022.

Benefits of Yunus Emra Scholarship 2022:

The Yunus Emra Scholarship 2022 is completely free and includes:
It is completely free and allows you to study the five levels of the Turkish language for free.
Available for all ages.
Available to all nationalities around the world.
It is an online scholarship that studies all stages through the Internet.
An interactive scholarship website that helps you learn better.

Conditions for Yunus Emra Scholarship 2022:

There are no conditions to apply for the Yunus Emra scholarship, except that it must be submitted in the time available before the end of registration.

How to apply:

All you have to do is fill out your form on the scholarship website, and the website will help you in that in more than one language (English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, etc…).
For more information about the scholarship