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PhD Scholarships in Japan for Engineering majors at the University of Kochi 2020


The Kochi University of Technology (KUT) in Japan offers a Special Scholarship Program (SSP) that was established in 2003 in order to support the development of advanced research at the university through the contribution of high-potential PhD students. Through the 3-year study program, KUT provides comprehensive education in an interdisciplinary environment. Each year, KUT enrolls approximately 15 PhD students selected to work on specific research projects. Each student joins a PhD program taught in English while simultaneously assisting his host professor with his research projects and receives monthly payments for his contribution to the projects. This program is for those who have a strong intention to engage in research projects for a full three years to gain in-depth knowledge, skill and ability to become integrative researchers, and aspire to fulfill the degree requirements accordingly. The program is designed to assist diligent and talented students with limited financial resources, especially foreign students from emerging countries, who are willing to devote themselves to anticipated research and related studies for the next three years so that they can finally achieve their academic goal.

Fields of Research Programs:

  •  Ecosystem Engineering (Kami campus)
  •  Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering (Kami Campus)
  •  Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering (Kami campus)
  • Information Systems Engineering (Kami Campus)
  • Infrastructure Systems Engineering (Kami Campus)
  •  Economics and Management (Eikokuji campus)

Success requirements: 3-year enrollment in the PhD program at KUT. Finishing 10 or more hours of the PhD program. Successful completion of a doctoral thesis defense after receiving an initial evaluation more than one year before the defense. Two or more papers in high-profile peer-reviewed journals, published at least two months before completion of the program; This is the prerequisite for conducting the thesis defense.


  •  Exemption from entrance examination fees of 30,000 yen, registration fee of 300,000 yen and 535,800 yen / year in relation to tuition fees.
  • To support living expenses, 150,000 yen is paid per month for research project work. * The student must pay an amount of taxes from this salary.
  •  Provisioned for 150,000 yen for travel and initial living costs (granted only to international applicants who live outside Japan).
  •  Classes in technical writing in English and courses in research writing will be given to first and second year doctoral students by an English language professor.
  • Japanese lessons will be provided for conversation and daily grammar.
  •  Educators help new international students with academic matters and everyday life. Many types of Japanese cultural activities will be offered seasonally.
  • International students can get help finding individual housing.

Requirements to apply for the scholarship:

Applicants must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Obtain permission from the applicant's preferred SSP project leader to participate in this project.
  • Have obtained a degree from an accredited institution similar to a master's degree offered at KUT after 18 years of education, or is due to obtain this degree prior to the KUT registration date.
  •  Be 35 years of age or younger at the time of registration.
  • To have an excellent academic record and to hold strong bachelor's and master's degrees from prestigious universities.
  • Possess the intention, sufficient knowledge and research skill to work on the research project.
  • The applicant must have a high level of skill in the English language.

About the University of Kochi:

Kochi University of Technology is a conservative university in Tosa Yamada, Kami, Kochi, Japan. After its founding in 1997, Professor Yasuharu Suematsu was its first president. Kochi University of Technology serves 2056 undergraduates, 224 master's students, and 74 PhD students (as of May 1, 2013).

Conditions of the applicant

  • Nationality: Egypt, Jordan, country of residence, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan
  • Age groups less than 35
  •  Gender of both sexes
  •  Passion for research, engineering

Opportunity information

  • The opportunity is aimed at: Postgraduate students
  • Funding: Full funding that covers the opportunity, tuition fees, travel costs, accommodation, and a living allowance
  •  Opportunity location: Japan
  •  Required documents: True copies of the academic record, university degree, research proposal, language certificate

Educational conditions

  •  Required majors: Engineering
  • Education level: J Bachelor's degree, Master's degree
  •  Required languages: English

How to apply

 Before submitting a formal scholarship application, anyone intending to apply must submit a complete online pre-application to their preferred SSP project leader by filling in the KUT online pre-application form. Only individuals who have permission from their preferred project leader are eligible to formally apply for the SSP. The application deadline is March 21, 2021.