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TU Delft Holland University Scholarships For Masters Study Fully Funded 2021


TU Delft is offering a number of scholarships for the year 2021-2023 for distinguished applicants from around the world. The Justus & Louise Van Effen Distinguished Scholarships is offered to students commemorating the legacies of Professors Justus and Louise van Effen.

The Justus & Louise van Effen Foundation was established with the aim of encouraging and financially supporting master’s students from all over the world should they wish to study at TU Delft.
Criteria for applying for scholarships:
Distinguished international applicants will be admitted to one of TU Delft’s two-year master’s programs.
Applicants with a GPA of 80 percent or higher will be accepted into a bachelor’s degree from an internationally renowned university outside the Netherlands.


Bachelor’s degree and CGPA The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree with an overall cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 75% of the maximum scale of the scale unless other requirements are specified.
The applicant’s bachelor’s degree must be of a level comparable to that of a bachelor’s degree at any research university in the Netherlands in and must be closely related to the master’s program chosen by the applicant.
In addition, the major subject grades associated with a master’s thesis should also be good.
Specific requirements may apply depending on where the applicant obtained his / her degree.

The following English language certificates are accepted:
TOEFL iBT certificate with an overall score of no less than 90 and a minimum score of 21 for each section.
IELTS certificate (academic version) with an overall score of at least 6.5 or a minimum of 6.0 for each section. Certificates provided by Cambridge Assessment English.
Only the following certificates are accepted:
C1 Advanced (Certificate of Advanced English) with an overall score of 176 and a minimum score of 169 for each section. C2 Proficiency (Certificate of Proficiency in English) with an overall score of 180 and a minimum score of 169 for each section.

Financial Coverages in TU Delft Scholarships:

€ 30,000 per year for non-EU / EFTA students. € 11,500 per year for EU / EFTA students.
The scholarship also includes covering the full tuition fee for the TU Delft Master’s program in addition to a contribution to living expenses.
The scholarship also includes membership in the scholarship club which provides access to personal development, workshops, seminars … etc.

TU Delft scholarship details:

Nationality: All Arab countries.
Country of residence: Any country
Sex is both sexes.
The scholarship is aimed at: Postgraduate students
Funding: Full funding the opportunity covers tuition fees, living allowance
Place of the scholarship: Netherlands
Required documents: CV, language certificate, recommendation letter
Required majors: Science, Engineering
Educational level: Bachelor’s degree
Required languages: English

Explanation of how to apply to TU Delft:

Please complete the Master’s application form.
Upload the scholarship application form.
Upload two reference letters (in one PDF document), according to the required documents.
Reference letters should be:
Either from a previous professor or an assistant professor.
If you have work experience, one of these letters is permitted from your employer. Written on official paper and bears the official stamp of the university or company.
Signed by the professor you hired and include your full name.
Note: All documents required for the scholarship must be attached to the application form for the Master. The application deadline is December 1, 2020.

Application form link:https://bit.ly/32L1eGt

Scholarship linkhttps://bit.ly/35xeekT