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The University Of Wheaton Undergraduate Scholarships In America For Refugee Students

The University of Wheaton, located in Massachusetts, USA is offering the Refugee Scholarship for 2021, which is offered to undergraduate students. Wheaton works to create a better world by embracing new ideas and providing educational opportunities, and is interested in building a global community of scholars that encompasses the widest possible range of perspectives, especially those of students fleeing persecution and conflict in their countries of origin. In order to achieve this goal the Wheaton Refugee Scholarship was established in 2017. Each year the University of Wheaton provides more than $ 40 million to its local and international students in the form of financial aid based on academic merit and financial need.

Application criteria for the University of Wheaton undergraduate scholarship:

Students who meet the following conditions will be eligible for the scholarship, namely:
All students applying for the first time to the liberal arts and sciences undergraduate programs.
Students are refugees who have fled war-torn areas without US citizenship or permanent residency in the United States, or who have come to it legally as refugees.
Students who do not have the financial resources to study at Wheaton University without a full scholarship. Students who, if admitted, can obtain a visa to study full-time in the United States, or who are already in the United States through legal asylum visa status.
Applicants will be studied on the basis of this scholarship only and will not be considered in any early decision or admission procedures, or any other material aid programs offered by Wheaton on the basis of merit or need.

Financial Coverage:

The fee is $ 60 but applicants for this scholarship will be exempt from paying it.
Funding offered:
One scholarship is awarded each academic year that covers the cost of attendance / study at the University of Wheaton for the duration of the four-year program.

Scholarship Details:

Nationality: All Arab countries
Country of residence: Any country
Gender: both sexes
Passion: arts, politics, cultural exchange and languages, technology, science, entrepreneurship, travel and tourism, leadership, volunteering
The scholarship is aimed at: Undergraduate students
Funding: Partial funding
The scholarship covers: a living allowance
Scholarship location: United States
Required documents: True copies of the academic record, language certificate
Specialties: Art, Design and Music, Science
Educational level: General Secondary
Required languages: English

Scholarship application link: https://bit.ly/3krscJq