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Fully Funded Okinawa Institute Internship in Japan (2021) - OIST Internship

OIST Internship

 Fully Funded Okinawa Institute Internship in Japan (2021) - OIST Internship

 No language requirement - there is no age limit

the details

- Available countries / all Arab countries

Who is eligible to apply / all academic levels (undergraduate students - graduates - recent graduates - Masters - PhDs - vocational schools) 🤩 ..

Training period / 2-6 months.

- Country / Japan, Host Institute / OIST Graduate School.

Language requirement / not required - the scholarship does not require an English language certificate.

Deadline for submission / 15 October 2020.


1. It covers all tuition costs (for free).

2. Air tickets from your home country to Japan.

3. A monthly stipend of approximately $ 650 USD (2,400 JPY per day as living allowance excluding weekends).

4. Trainees will receive housing support, a visa to enter Japan, and health insurance procedures.

5. The college can provide additional training positions for outstanding applicants, especially those with highly advanced skills.

Training objective

OIST aims to train researchers who will play important roles in the international scientific community in leading scientific institutions in the public and private sectors. Accordingly, the program will allow candidates with high potential and motivation to become leaders in scientific research at the international level.

International research training in Japan is a fully funded opportunity for students. Candidates will have various options to pursue their research experiences, and interns will work as research professors and contribute to research projects.

Students of the third and fourth years of the undergraduate (bachelor's) and master's years of the first and second years are encouraged to apply.

Required Documents

1. Personal photo.

2. The last academic qualification and academic certificates (for previous years, if any) - transcript of degrees.

3. A CV (clarifying the student's data, qualifications, and goals).

4. Letter of recommendation.

How to apply (online, online, free, and there is no registration fee)

1. Submit the online application.

2. After submitting the application completely and agreeing to the terms, candidates will automatically receive a notification via email.

3. Evaluating and examining the application throughout the application period.

4. After 3 months from the application deadline, the successful candidate will be notified of his acceptance.

5. After the final nomination, the Training Department will contact you to facilitate the procedures.

Link to the form