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Taif University scholarship application (non-Saudis) fully funded all majors

(non-Saudis) fully funded all majors
(non-Saudis) fully funded all majors

Taif University scholarship application (non-Saudis) fully funded all majors

Taif University announces the opening of admission for foreign scholarships at the undergraduate level for non-Saudi students from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Taif University scholarship details:

Country: Saudi Arabia:
Students: for non-Saudis
Scholarship Level: Bachelor's
For the next academic year 1442-1443 AH.
Admission dates:
From Sunday 25/01/142 AH to the end of Saturday 02/02/1442 AH

Conditions for admission to the Taif University scholarship system:

The applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent from outside Saudi Arabia and have it translated into a certified translation if it is issued in a language other than Arabic.
That the government of the applicant's country approve his studies in the Kingdom.
The student should not have obtained another scholarship from an educational institution in the Kingdom.
The applicant must hold a valid passport for a period of not less than one year.
The student's age should not be less than (17) years and not more than (25) years old.
The applicant must be medically fit.
To attest the certificates and identity papers from the competent authorities in his country, from the Saudi embassy in his country.
Bring a free-of-precedent certificate from the security services in the applicant's country.
That the applicant attends two recommendations from well-known authorities in his country.
The applicant must not be dismissed from an educational institution in the Kingdom.
The applicant must pass the medical examination determined by the regulations and instructions after his presence in the Kingdom.

The documents to be uploaded electronically (in PDF format), clear images, are:

High school diploma .pdf
A valid passport (for the applicant) .pdf

General admission alerts:

The student must memorize: application number, email and mobile.
Because it will be the means of communication in the future between the Scholarships Department and the student in the event that he is notified of acceptance.
The residency regulations in the Kingdom and the rules and regulations in force at the university shall be applied to the scholarship student.
Any application that does not meet the conditions and the required documents will be disqualified.
The information recorded in the online application will not be relied upon unless the documents proving this are attached to it.
Translate all documents issued in a language other than Arabic with certified translation and attach them.
Submitting an application to join the university and approving it electronically means that the applicant obtains an initial nomination, which does not mean a final nomination unless the applicant feels so.
In the event of a final nomination, the scholarship student is not entitled to transfer from one university to another except for what the university deems in the student’s interest.
The university determines the college and specialization for the accepted student after his arrival and after conducting his personal interview according to the university’s regulations, taking into account the balance of scholarship students ’distribution among the various specializations at Taif University, taking into account the choice of the student as much as possible.


The applicant undertakes that all data entered in his application are correct, and if it is found otherwise, the university has the right to exclude the application.
I pledge to attend the university on the time specified in the admission notice.
I pledge to bring all the assets of my files in the event that I am accepted to the university, and the university has the right to terminate his scholarship if he does not bring it within two months from the date of matching.
I pledge not to submit more than one request, and in the event of my violation, all of what I have submitted will be excluded.
The student undertakes that he has met all the conditions mentioned and pledges that all the data he recorded are correct, and if it is found otherwise, the university has the right to exclude the application.

For inquiries, Taif University scholarship:

Scholarships Department at Taif University Tel: 00966127272020
Scholarships Administration Mobile at Taif University: 00966557122651
Fax of External Scholarships Department at Taif University: 00966127253760
Email of Taif University Scholarships Department: Grantstu.edu.sa



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