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English language course offered by the American embassy in Khartoum

English language course offered by the American embassy in Khartoum

 English language course offered by the American embassy in Khartoum

Course details

Course date: 7 September - 30 November 2020

Duration: 6 weeks

Commitment: 3-4 hours / week

Requirements: none

Written course: led by an instructor

Accreditation: Certification

Course description

This course equips learners with current methodologies for teaching English Language Learners (ELs) of various ages and learning contexts. They will discuss and practice a variety of strategies and techniques for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​(TESOL). While exploring best practices for teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing, including grammar and vocabulary, course participants will learn how to create an effective and communicative language class for all learners. They will examine what "best practices" mean in the context of English language teaching in the twenty-first century, where English is an international language, and the use of English includes modern technologies.


At the end of this course, you will be able to

Compare and compare traditional and modern second language teaching methods

Examine their current educational strategies to learn ways to provide active student-centered learning that helps develop learners' self-efficacy and supports lifelong learning

Develop effective activities for listening, speaking, reading and writing

Developing a lesson activity that includes critical thinking and problem-solving skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation, decision-making, and creative thinking)

List the learning style differences and the needs of the various learners

Summarize the impact of reflexive teaching on teachers 'perceptions of English language teaching and classroom practices, as well as learners' attitudes and motivations for learning English

Target audience: English-speaking, English-speaking adult teachers interested in education professionals interested in professional development opportunities

This course is offered as part of the Online Professional English Network, sponsored by the US Department of State with funding provided by the US government and administered by FHI360.

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