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Course learning the Russian language from scratch

Russian language from scratch
Russian language from scratch

Course learning the Russian language from scratch

Today the Russian language is spread throughout the world, and it is considered one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations. The aim of the course is to introduce the Russian language and its rules, as well as to read simple words and sentences, and to learn about some Russian customs and traditions.


Andrey Fedorov
Russian language teacher
Bachelor's degree from South Ural State University.
Russian language teacher
I speak in Arabic and English

Course contents:

The first lecture: the Russian alphabet, part one

an introduction
Acquaintance and greeting in Russian
The letters a through д
The letters from е to й
The letters from к to о

The second lecture: The Russian Alphabet Part Two

The letters п to у
The letters from ф to ш
The letters from щ to я
Russian pronouns (I, you ....)

The third lecture: Reading and writing in Russian

Read lyrics
Similar letters
Reading rules and reading some words
Numbers 1 to 5
The family

The fourth lecture: Camel in Russian

Read lyrics
Sign pronouns
Possessive pronouns
Numbers 6 to 10

The fifth lecture: the actual sentence

Read lyrics
Introduction to verbs

The sixth lecture: the interrogative sentence

Read lyrics
Questions in Russian
Past tense verb conjugation

Course output:

Knowledge, pronunciation and writing of Russian letters
Ability to read Russian words
Learn words and phrases of acquaintance, greetings, and more
Knowledge of the basics of language (pronouns, nouns, etc.)
The ability to form simple sentences
Verb conjugation and others