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Volunteer Online with the United Nations 2020

Volunteer Online
Volunteer Online with the United Nations 2020

Volunteer Online with the United Nations 2020

The United Nations is looking for a volunteer team across the United Nations, who will help form partnerships and engage youth organizations as well. Most of the United Nations programs focus on youth empowerment and engagement and the strengthening of the opportunities structure for youth. For the first time, the organization is planning to undertake three activities that volunteers will support through coordination and selection of youth and partner organizations to work with. Activities will include organizing live events on Facebook in support of international days such as World Volunteer Day; Selecting and describing the "Young Worker of the Month", as well as editing blogs or publications from youth on development issues and country experiences. The UN will provide all support required, including an induction meeting via Skype, to provide guidance on the mission and expectations

Volunteer requirements:

Knowledge of youth development. Fluency in spoken and written English. Previous experience in developing communication or outreach strategies would be a useful advantage. Experience in using social media and blogging tools. Guidance will be provided to the selected volunteers to help them better understand expectations. YPWC will use skype or whats app to facilitate communication.

Conditions for the applicant:

Nationality: Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Comoros, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen
Country of Residence: Any country
Gender: both sexes
Passion: Human Rights, Writing.

Training information:

Aimed at: everyone who cares
Funding: Applications are free of charge
Training venue: Online
Required documents: CV, letter of motivation.
Required majors: All majors
Educational level: no specific educational level is required
Required languages: English

Explanation of how to apply:

1 Enter the link below the post
2- After that, you must register on the United Nations Volunteers website.
3- Then fill out the application form before the date of September 9, 2020.
4- The application form includes:
Motivation for volunteering in this program.
Experience in volunteer work.
- empolyement qualifications.
Skills and qualifications. a
- For language skills.
- additional information.
Times when the applicant is available.
-  Curriculum Vitae.